Chantel and Pedro: Will They Reconcile?


Apr 30, 2024
Chantel and Pedro's relationship has been a rollercoaster. Do you think they have a chance at reconciliation? Discuss the current state of their relationship and what you think might happen next. What factors do you think will influence their decision? Share your predictions and any insights you have from recent episodes.
Pedro and Chantel are currently going through divorce, they are not even on good terms and there's no talking between them. The factor influencing their decision will be the future of their reality show and the history they have together.

My prediction is that they might miss each other because of their strong connection and history which will make them to try reconciling after living in separate homes for a long period of time.
Fuck no. Chantel and Pedro are both out of their minds. Not to mention their families...pathetic couple doomed to fail from day 1. Pedro was obviously scamming her but whatever..

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