Jasmine clarifies that he doesn't use weight-loss drugs


May 8, 2024
Jasmine is still adjusting to her life in the United States, and if there is a place where she spends a lot of time it is in the gym, explaining that this helps her a lot with her physical health and her mental health as well, basically it helps her reduce her stress levels, since according to her she states she has had many stressful moments in these last months.

Jasmine has lost a lot of weight these past few months due to her routines and vegan diet, but many fans have accused her of taking weight-loss drugs, which she has denied and clarified that her recent weight loss is more associated with the stress she is having in recent months than a weight loss drug.
I think Jasmine is trying all possible best to lose weight by going to the gym and managing her diet. She's being honest and transparent in this. She's trying to promote a positive and healthy lifestyle for herself.
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I find this happens a lot when someone loses weight, most tend to jump straight to weight-loss drugs not knowing that the dedication she has will lead to weight loss like she has received.

I think it's awesome she is losing the weight and feeling better about herself and she should ignore those who assume she is using drugs to help.

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