The 90 Days Expectators say this is the most boring couple.


May 8, 2024
There is a couple is specific that fans of the series are very sick of seeing, Loren and Alexei, this couple who first appeared on the show in season 3 and who have been followed in the series since then, we have even lived the birth of their 3 children, they are accused on Instagram by many fans of being the most boring couple in the history of the series, and many say they don't care if they didn't see her anymore in the series, what do you think of this couple? Do you like them personally?
I will admit, that following their journey was good at first and it was interesting but I feel that they are taking it too far now and it has become quite boring to watch and follow.

I stopped following a little while ago as I felt I was wasting my time following and not enjoying the journey anymore.

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